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Two's Company

We’re monie.ka and James. We’re Austrian and English, we’re based in Monaco. In 2007 we created hardgraft - a renowned lifestyle accessories brand that covers everything from tech cases, small leather goods, travel bags, casual footwear, headwear and clothing. All made in Italy.

A Gut Feeling

Hands down, we love creating. We are obsessed with every detail of every single product - each rivet, ribbon, material and leather has been sourced, selected and chosen by us. Designing together, we care a lot and we mean a LOT about the right balance. We have a pretty good gut feeling when something is right.

With a deep respect for manual craftsmanship from days gone by, we find a lot of inspiration in the past - from classic Scandinavian furniture to the smallest safety pin, all handmade with such an impeccable detail and effort. The details matter. Our slogan ‘HOLD ON TO THE GOOD’ expresses exactly what we set out to capture from the start. Something that stays true to this day.

What we're made of

We use only the best materials we can find for the job in hand, a strong focus on Italian veg tan leather combined with wool. Colours ranging from browns to greys and whites to blacks. hardgraft is a juxtaposition of two opposites, it’s a combination of textures, creating a tension whilst staying balanced and pure. Every hardgraft product has a calm aura and quiet confidence. Not attention grabbing, but it catches your eye.

We shape our tools and our tools shape us

hardgraft is versatile without being bland. It’s adaptable but always stands out for the right reasons. hardgraft is a rebellious brand with a calm, confident, cheeky approach.

We are designers and care as much about the aesthetics as making the product work, though we are not obsessed with technical over-functionalities. Our goods capture an old world craftsmanship whilst being futuristic and fresh. They are rich and upscale with a real down to earth appeal. All hardgraft goods are relaxed and casual with a real sense of refinement - instant classics.

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Rich Tuscan Veg tan Leather

Our vegetable tanned leather matures and alters gradually over time, different from one piece to another depending on how you handle the product. An iPhone Case will go darker faster than a bag. Tan goes darker and warmer, ocean goes darker with a green undertone, black stays black.

Supple Tuscan Semi-Veg Tan Leather

Our Neutral grey semi-vegetable tanned leather is colourfast and doesn’t change. We especially developed this colour and finishing with our tannery as we want the neutral grey to stay neutral. It’s not lively. It’s stable, grounded and reliable. No matter what.

Soft Tuscan Washed Leather

Our ash grey washed leather is in a league of its own. It matures softly and gets a slightly different tone over time. It’s called washed leather because it actually gets washed in the production process. When our tannery puts it through the wash it shrinks up to 30% and acquires a pebbly wrinkled look. It’s softer than the other leathers we use yet still has a rich and rigid stand.

Dense German Wool Felt

Right from the start we developed a 100% pure new wool felt with our factory in Germany to exactly fit our requirements. This 3mm felt is carefully made from fine selected merino wool fibres and then compressed, giving it excellent characteristics to protect your precious tech - sturdy yet soft, water repellant, shock-absorbing and natural. It’s a special blend with a refinement that is unmatched.

Fine Italian Wool Felt

Italian made to keep it close to home, we use this wool as a lining for a number of our leather products. We've mastered this technic over the years and we think it’s a match made in heaven.

Robust Portugese Wool

This is a medium thickness woven wool we use for our more rugged bags. It’s strong enough to hold the test of time and it couldn’t be a better material to work with.

Rugged British Cotton Canvas

For our built to last British heavyweight cotton canvas twill we found a partner that follows years of expertise through from the construction of the yarns to the finished fabric.